Spartan Sprint Encamp- Andorra

Andorra es un destino espectacular para poder disfrutar de una carrera dura y de un paisaje único. La ciudad de Encamp y la estación de esquí de Grau Roig serán el corazón del evento con actividades que abarcan más de 4 días. Espartanos de toda Europa, de todas las edades y niveles de rendimiento pueden pasar un fin de semana impresionante con un montón de actividades, como la Spartan300, Campamentos para niños, Carreras para niños y jóvenes, Hurricane Heat y work outs masivos para todos los públicos.
Spartan Race Inc.
Spartan Sprint Encamp- Andorra
AndorraEstación de esquí de Grandvalira, sector Grau Roig Encamp- Grau RoigEncampAD200
Spartan Sprint Encamp- Andorra

Spartan Sprint Encamp- Andorra

The Sprint may be our shortest distance race, but it’s still a favorite among both new and returning racers. It’s the perfect distance for those looking to start their Spartan journey. The Sprint also allows returning racers a manageable distance to see how far they can push themselves. Delivering 20-23 obstacles over 3-5 miles, you'll never run the same race twice. Once you complete the sprint you are 1/3 on your Spartan TRIFECTA: The ultimate Spartan achievement.
Spartan Race Inc.
AndorraEstación de esquí de Grandvalira, sector Grau Roig Encamp- Grau RoigEncampAD200

Get ready for the Spartan Race Andorra-Encamp!
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Spartan Encamp- Andorra is hosting the first Hurricane Heat! Sign up now!


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Trifecta Ticket:Click here to sign up for all three races (Sprint, Super and Beast) in Spartan Race Andorra - for your special Trifecta Ticket price!

For the Trifecta Ticket keep in mind to select your heat times in a way that you can race all races realistically. Estimate for a Beast between 2:15h and 8:00h depending on your performance level.

* registration service fee not included, prices are in €

DATE: Saturday, July 30th, 2016

AREA: Encamp- Andorra.

Encamp, the second of the seven parishes of the Principality of Andorra, offers visitors tranquility and security, consistent and indissoluble binomial of an ancient land where it is still possible to perceive, in the midst of daily life tumults, a slow and placid flow of life in contact with nature.

Amazing landscapes can be experienced from a bird's eye view from the Funicamp, one of the longest cable cars in Europe or on foot- on its many trails you discover valleys, rivers and lakes; Grandvalira with its sectors of Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa is one of the largest ski areas in Europe and offers vertiginous descents. Shopping and sport at 2,000 meters and the ski slopes in Pas de la Casa, or time travel through the exquisite indigenous artistic and cultural heritage, are only some of the proposals to be captivated when you visit this welcoming corner of the world. Its strong historical roots are source of national identity that Andorrans in general and the people of the parish of Encamp ( "encampadans") in particular defend with the pride of being children of a country that has known to safeguard its independence and ensure peace within its borders, for more than seven centuries.

DISTANCE: Sprint, 5+km race with 15+ obstacles; Fastest time should be around 30 minutes. Longest times will be over 2,5h hours. We use Timing Chips for accuracy.

START TIMES: First Heat at 13.30 on Saturday. Please make sure to plan ahead and leave enough time to pick up your racer pack (1h). Also please bring your printed and signed race waiver to avoid long queuing - you will receive the race waiver by email well in advance.

HEATS/WAVES: Reebok Spartan Race operates with heat starts. Heat size depends on the race course but will be between 150 and 250 athletes. Heats will leave every 15 minutes after the first heat. Register for the "Elite" heat if you want to be as competitive as possible and race against the best.


The Elite Category:

At the far end of the spectrum is the Elite category. These athletes are competing to test themselves against the best of the best, attract potential sponsors, and rise to the top of the Spartan Race Point Series.Elite Racers, like all Spartan athletes, commit to flawless sportsmanship and adhere strictly to the race rules and guidelines. Racers who fail to follow these guidelines risk disqualification.

The Competitive Category:

Our newest option, the Competitive category, is designed to address the gap between our Open class racers and our Elites. Competitive Racers will be expected to follow the same rules and standards as the Elite racers. These racers compete for glory and bragging rights. As a major component of the rapid evolution of obstacle racing as a sport, Competitive racers will start immediately following the elite waves, taking advantage of a wide open course. Competitive racers commit to sportsmanship, honoring rules and guidelines, and performing at their best.


The Open category is for everyone, period. Weekend warriors, novice athletes, first-time racers, and teams are all welcome here. The Open category offers the same opportunity as the Competitive and Elite categories to get far outside your comfort zone, test your body’s limits, and experience the awesome rush of the finish line. However, there’s no pressure to push your pace.

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It's a 5+km and a 15+ obstacles course. That's all you need to know...expect the unexpected. But please consider the following: the course is a cross country course which will lead you through woods and bushes, moats, and climbing obstacles as well as uneven ground with potential hidden roots or wires and water and/or slippery surfaces. We therefore point out that injuries may occur through falls, stumble, twists, slips etc. when overcoming the obstacles or on the course. Additional risks may be caused by falls of other participants thus jeopardizing their co-runners. Therefore, we ask you to adjust your running speed and behavior based on what you see around you, the respective obstacle and to the rush on the course.




07h30-18h00: Spartan Festival

07h30-15h00: Race Pack pick up (for Sprint racers after 11h00)

08h00-18h00: Bag Drop

09h00: Spartan Beast Elite heat

09h15: Spartan Beast Competitive Heat

09h45: Spartan Beast Open Heats, heats every 15 minutes

11h00/13h00: Spartan Juniors

13h30: Spartan Sprint Elite Heat

13h45: Spartan Sprint Competitive Heat

14h15: Sprint Open Heats, every 15 minutes

15h30: Spartan Elite awards ceremony


08h30-17h00: Spartan Festival

08h30-12h00: Race Pack pick up

08h30-17h00: Bag Drop

09h00-13h00: Spartan Hurricane Heat 4h

10h00: Spartan Super Elite heat

10h15: Spartan Super Competitive Heat

10h45: Super Open Heats, every 15 minutes

11h00: Spartan Juniors

13h00: Spartan Elite awards ceremony



You want to edit your participant information? You want to change heats? You want to transfer your entry from individual to a team or back? You want to transfer your registration to another person or another race / event (until 14 days before the event)? All this you can manage yourself!



You can only participate in the race if you have handed in your signed waiver when you pick up your racer packet. You will also receive a timing chip. It is mandatory to wear the timing chip at all times during the race, otherwise you cannot be timed. You are not allowed to pass your timing chip to another athlete, as it is linked with your bib number. If you can't complete an obstacle you will have to suffer some BURPEES. However, there are obstacles that are "no fail" obstacles - you will have to do the obstacle otherwise your are disqualified. Passing an obstacle without doing it or doing burpees will lead to disqualification. At each obstacle and along the course we have marshals checking that every athlete is following the course and obstacles. You are not allowed to cut the course. You can overtake others anywhere unless elsewise announced on the course. However, we expect that you respect the other athletes.

Click here to read the rules & regulations for Spartan Race






There are aid stations on the course and at the finish (typically 1 for Sprint, and more for Super and Beast). But they are Spartan style aid stations so if you have specific needs for nutrition make sure to bring with you what you need. Carry extra hydration and fuel if you think you might be fatigued or pass out from dehydration.



You can drop your bag at our bag drop off tent and after the race you can pick it up.



Pre and post race there are showers and changing tents available.



Race photos are available online after the race. Post race you will will receive an email with details about how to find them.



There are parking areas at the venue, and there might be a charge on parking. So we ask you to use our Facebook page to arrange carpooling!



For more information, visit our FAQs section.

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The Spartan Race is not for adults only!

Spartan Junior Race Andorra 2016:

Why obstacle racing for kids? Promote child-like adventure and instill a healthy lifestyle.

Spartan Race is not only limited to adult fun! Bring the kids (ages 4-13) who can participate in their very own Spartan Junior Race.

Spartan Junior promotes health, physical activity and FUN! Spartan Junior is about a return to the childlike sense of adventure that we have lost while getting sucked up into “normal life” of over-scheduled and over-organized activities. Spartan Race wants to keep this sense of adventure alive in our kids BEFORE they lose it.
Today, a typical child devotes an average 7.5 hours each day to entertainment media: TV, video games, cell phones, and movies. Get up, get out, and get gritty!

 30 of July, 2016

on event day in the Junior Race Welcome Booth, right next to the Juniors Race course or ONLINE for Saturday, 30/07/2016 y ONLINE for Sunday, 31/07/2016.

Saturday: 11:00 - 13:00 /// Sunday: 11.00

Heats of around 20 juniors, with several heats taking off in a row

Entry Fee:
12,- online / 15,- on site
Each child will receive a T-shirt and Finisher's Medal. All benefits of the Junior Race are handed over to a charity.
Several start times for each distance for the Spartan Junior Race provide adequate flexibility for the entire family to go race.

No medical certificate is needed- we will just ask the parents to read and sign a waiver during sign up. It is the sole responsibility of the parents or the legal representative to evaluate and decide on the participation of the child. The organizer undertakes all necessary actions to make the Junior race as safe as any possible.

Race with your friends or colleagues! It's probably the most extraordinary, fun experience you'll ever have!

Team Results

Spectators are always welcome! You can experience an extraordinary day with various activities at the festiva area, try out our festival obstacles, bring your kids to the Junior Spartan Race or just enjoy watching your loved ones slip and slide through the course. Depending on venue obligations you may need to register at the entrance.

Conditions Of Participation: Spartan Races are open to everyone. All you need to be is 16 years of age on race day for the Sprint. You do not have to be a member of any kind of sports club and you do not need any license. The participant declares to be physically healthy and that no medical concerns exist which prevent him/her from participating in a long distance obstacle course.


Ski Station Grandvalira, sector Grau Roig, AD200 Grau Roig, Encamp- Andorra

The Reebok Spartan Race Encamp (Andorra) will take place at the area of Grau Roig at the well known Ski Station Grandvalira, at 2.120m above sea level! In an area surrounded by forests, glacial valleys, rivers and lakes, and under the watchful eye of the peaks of Cubil, Montmalús and Pessons, among others, its spectacular landscapes mark Encamp as a unique setting that will bring out the best of the brave Spartans.

The start area, Grau Roig, is close to the two major towns of Encamp. Access is via the CG-2 road, leaving Encamp and Pas de la Casa in a approx. 15-20 minute drive passing high mountain landscapes. In addition, spectators can access some sections of the race from the Funicamp, one of the longest cable car in Europe that takes you from Encamp to Les Solanelles, more than 2,500 meters above sea level in just 18 minutes.

If you do not want to miss one of the best spartan experiences, do not hesitate to come to Encamp- Pas de la Casa, experiencing all its peculiarities, its hotels and restaurants, its entertainment and shopping, the culture and above all, the friendliness of its people. See you there!


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Volunteer for this Race

Be part of our behind the scenes team by volunteering to help at a race. You will learn a thing or two, and experience what it's like to be part of the Spartan team. Your efforts make the Reebok Spartan Race the best obstacle racing series, and ensure a great experience for thousands of participants.

There are different volunteer areas to choose from like Festival, course or registration. You can choose your area when signing up as a volunteer. So what's next?

You will quickly learn while volunteering, add to your professional experience and probably meet new friends.