Kosice CHARITY SPRINT Slovakia

Spartan Race Inc.
Kosice CHARITY SPRINT Slovakia
Kosice - SlovakiaHlavna 8 KosiceKosice04001
Kosice CHARITY SPRINT Slovakia

Kosice CHARITY SPRINT Slovakia

The Ultra is the pinnacle Spartan event in the world. The standard Ultra is held over 26+ miles, and it's not for the faint of heart - you'll face epic terrain, punishing obstacles, and even some surprises thrown in. The Ultra is the only Spartan event featuring strict time cutoffs that must be met. *Please note that not everyone who signs up for an Ultra will actually finish.
Spartan Race Inc.
Kosice - SlovakiaHlavna 8 KosiceKosice04001

July 9th, 2016




All prices are per person and include VAT.  In case of international wire transfer - additional bank fees can occur. Online registration will be closed on Sunday July 3rd 2016 at midnight.

Date: Saturday, July 9th, 2016

Distance: SPRINT 5 km + 20 obstacles, the duration of the race – depends on the condition runner from 40 min to 2 hrs.

Start Times: First Charity Heat starts at afternoon 30 minutes after last Open Heat.  Please make sure to calculate enough time to pick up your racer pack (min. 1h before). Please also bring your printed and signed race waiver and your id document, to avoid long queing.

Heats: Spartan Race operates with heat starts. 250-300 runners will start every 30 or 15 minutes. Startup time you choose during registration but is not guaranteed.  Maximum capacity for this charity event is 1000 runners.

The profit from the admission of this charity run will be donated to the United School for disabled children in Košice Opatovská Road.



Hlavná 8, 040 01 Košice, SLOVAKIA

Map of location | Web page of location





5 km + 20 obstacles, the duration of the race from 40 min 2 hrs – depends on the condition runner. That's all you need to know...expect the unexpected. But please consider the following: the course is a  city run which will lead you through the narrow streets of the center of the city. We ask you to adjust your running speed and behavior to the visibility conditions, the respective obstacle and to the rush on the track.




You can only participate in the race if you have handed in your signed waiver when you pick up your racer packet. No bibs and timing chips for this charity event. If you can't complete an obstacle you will have to suffer 30 BURPEES. However there is obstacles that are mandatory "no fail" obstacles - you will have to overcome the obstacle otherwise your are disqualified. Passing an obstacle without overcoming it or not doing the burpees will lead to disqualification. At each obstacle and along the course we have marshals checking that every athlete is following the course and obstacles.You are not allowed to cut the course. You can overtake others anywhere unless elsewise announced on the course. Also at obstacles. However we expect that you respect the other athletes.

Click here to read the rules & regulations for Spartan Race




Waiver Adults, Teens and Kids









Signed race waiver, Photo ID and Medical Insurance ID. We also recommend a towel and a plastic bag or two for your muddy clothes post-race. Do not forget good mood and big smile...




We suggest trail running shoes or sneakers, however we strongly suggest not running in bare feet due to the terrain, we recommend lightweight apparel, and a camel back for longer events. We sell gear onsite so you can change and wear Spartan gear while you walk around the festival sporting your finisher medal.




There are water stations on the course and at the finish. But this is Spartan style water stations so if you have specific needs for nutrition make sure to take that with you. Carry extra hydration and fuel if you think you might bonk or pass out from dehydration.




You can drop a bag at our bag drop off tent. After the race you can pick it up again. Fee  1 €.




No showers for this event. After and before the race you can use the changing tents provided by the organizer.




While you are waiting to race or looking for that extra workout, try out one of our festival challenges. You can test your power on the arm wrestling challenge, see how many burpees you can do at our burpees challenge or flip tires. Enter the official challenge time during the day and take a shot at winning a free ticket for next race and other cool prizes.




Professional event day photos and official results will be posted on the event page 5-7 days after the event, FREE OF CHARGE! We’ll email you when your photos are ready!




Parking is possible at parking lots of city streets, Shopping Center OC Aupark and Steel Arena Kosice.

Please, keep all your staff in the car out of eyes from thief. Organizer is not responsible for stolen items from parked vehicles.




Pic-nic and barbeques are not allowed in the race area. You can find food and beverage at the Spartan Race Festival Area.




For more information, see our help file

Online registration -  entry fee 10€ to be paid by common Credit Card or internet banking. Race day registration on the spot - entry fee 15€ is to be paid with cash only.
All parents/guardians will need to fill out the Junior Waiver. To avoid long lines download Junior Waiver from event page or here

Download Junior Race Waiver


Spartan Kids will race in three categories:

1. Pre school kids 4-6 years (parent can run together with kid) distance minimum 750 m with minimum 10 obstacles

2. Junior kids 6-10 years (parent is not allowed to run with kid), distance minimum 750 m with minimum 10 obstacles

3. Older school kids 11-14 years, distance 1.5 - 2.5 km with minimum 15 obstacles

Spartan Kids’ heats go off between 12pm and 1pm on race day.
Each child will receive a SR T-shirt and Finisher's Medal.


Strength comes in numbers! Become a part of a team to help you and others get through the event, save money. Sign up as a team! All you need is to have at least 4 members. The more people sign up to the better teams savings: 4-14 discount 10%, 15 + discount 20%

Race with your friends or colleagues! It's probably the most extraordinary, fun experience you'll ever have!

free entry

Spectators are welcome to the event and you can experience an extraordinary day with various activities at the Spartan Race Festival. Spectators may bring cameras, but must adhere to cautions and restriction areas. Try out our Festival obstacles, bring your kids to the Juniors Race or just enjoy watching others fighting through the race. In some events access is for free, but you might need to register at the entrance depending on the venue obligations.

Have ticket to race for FREE! Come us and spend an incredible day full of fun. Sign Up!. Want to know how to bypass the entry fees? Become a volunteer!


Registrations are final. No refunds. No changing start waves.

Conditions Of Participation: Spartan Races are open to everyone. All you need to be is 15 years of age on race day. You do not have to be a member of any kind of sports club and you do not need any license. The participant declares to be physically healthy and that no medical concerns exist which prevent him/her from participating in a long distance obstacle course.

No student discount

Ages 15 - 99 years

Insurance: All participants start at their own risk. Insurance fee included in registration.

Payment: All common credit cards accepted and internet banking.




Want to know how to bypass the entry fees? Become a volunteer! Have ticket to race for FREE! Come us and spend an incredible day full of fun. Sign Up!. If you want to be volunteer for this race click on the red button "VOLUNTEER FOR THIS RACE" on the right side of this page.

Be part of our behind the scenes team by volunteering to help at a race. You will learn a thing or two, and experience what it's like to be part of the Spartan team. Your efforts make the Reebok Spartan Race the best obstacle racing series, and ensure a great experience for thousands of participants.

There are different volunteer areas to choose from like Festival, course or registration. You can choose your area when signing up as a volunteer. So what's next?

You will quickly learn while volunteering, add to your professional experience and probably meet new friends.To read more about volunteers  click here