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Windsor Beast UK
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Windsor Beast UK

Windsor Beast UK

The Reebok Spartan Beast: This is our most difficult of the three. The Beast will test not only your endurance, perseverance and grit, but also your mind. The 12-14 Mile Beast packs more than 30 Signature Spartan Obstacles and your final hurdle to Spartan TRIFECTA glory. It won’t be easy but you can’t believe how good the medal feels at the finish line.
Spartan Race Inc.
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West Berkshire


Situated on 5,000 acres of beautiful scenery, there can be no better backdrop for tackling a 21km+ run, with over 30 obstacles. The terrain will be flat, but the challenge will be far from easy, as we are offering the usual Spartan difficulty. This course will push even the toughest Spartan to their very limits.

Windsor Great Park is easily accessible from London and the South-West. It is a great place for a day out with your family. There is plenty to do after the race; why not explore the deer park and walking trails… when you’re not caked in mud.

On the day before, the park will also host the final Spartan Sprint of the season. Making this weekend, the perfect opportunity to collect the final two wedge pieces you might need to complete your Trifecta medal. The more elite members could even complete the prestigious double Trifecta, and write their names into Spartan Race lore.

All finishers receive a free beer upon completion of the event. You will certainly feel as though you have earned it after 21km+ of tough obstacle racing. But that will only make the beer taste better than any you have previously enjoyed.

What do you get?


Distance: 21km+

Start Times: Starting at 8:00 Elite Wave, 8:15 open waves of 200 athletes will be released every 15 minutes

Parking: £5 per car (CASH). Collected onsite at parking location. Do not park on roads or in unauthorized areas.

Spectators: Want a front row seat to all the Spartan action? Spectator entrance for Spartan Race UK is FREE. Spectators are subject to standard parking fees. Bring CASH, limited ATM/Credit Card services. You'll receive entry to the rocking festival area, festival obstacles and not to mention the epic start & finish lines.

Bag Drop: Try and leave as much stuff as you can at home or in your car— but for the stuff you can't leave behind, or that you don't want covered in mud and water, we will have a secure place to check in your gear. Check in is £2/bag (CASH ONLY).

Junior Race: All UK Spartan races will host a Junior Spartan Race event. Click on the Junior Race tab for more info and registration.




West Berkshire




Why not add a FASTPASS to your order? This allows you to pre-pay for your parking and bag check, skip the queues and receive 10% off our onsite merchandise.



£5 per car (CASH). Collected onsite at parking location. Do not park on roads or in unauthorized areas.

*To keep traffic clear for local residents and shuttle buses, Local Authorities may issue tickets to anyone who parks on the side of the road or drop's passengers off at the race venue - do so at your own risk.




8:00am Elite Wave
8:15am Open Waves Begin

Starting at 8:15am, waves of 200+ racers will be released every 15 minutes. 




Plan to arrive 1 hour BEFORE your designated start time to allow enough time to pick up your packet, drop your stuff at bag check, and get warmed up. If you are one of those chronically late people, tell yourself you need to be there 2 hours early.




The following things are not allowed in the main village/race area: Coolers, Barbeques, Alcohol, Glass Bottles, Smoking, Camping or Pets. PLEASE MAKE CERTAIN YOUR GUESTS/SPECTATORS ARE AWARE OF THESE RULES.




Try and leave as much stuff as you can at home or in your car— but for the stuff you can't leave behind, or that you don't want covered in mud and water, we will have a secure place to check in your gear. Check in is £2 per bag.




We said "adventure" right? Well folks let's get adventurous! There’s no dress code, per se, but you’ll be running in mud and water, climbing hills and mountains, crawling under barbed wire and jumping fire. So choose wisely my friends.




Professional event day photos will be posted on our site a few days after the event, FREE OF CHARGE! You don’t have to stay up all night checking the site for this – we’ll email you when your photos are ready! Timing links will be up the next day on our social media channels.




If you have additional questions, visit our FAQ page. 

Junior Spartan Races will be held in conjunction with all 2016 UK Spartan Race events. 



Online Registration: £20
On-site Registration: £25 (CASH ONLY)



Race Date: Sunday October 2, 2016

Race Location: Windsor

Start Times: Please arrive one hour before your child’s start time.
•10:00 am – 4-7 years old
•10:40 am – 8-10 years old
•11:20 am – 11-13 years old

Distance: 1.5km

Registration: Junior Racers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian whilst onsite. Racer’s accompanied by their parent/legal guardian must have a completed and signed Race Waiver form and the accompanying parent/legal guardian must show photo ID to check-in.

Racers who are accompanied by an adult other than their parent/legal guardian must have the following documents to check-in:
•Parental Consent Form – that specifies the accompanying adult - completed and signed by parent/legal guardian
•Race Waiver form – completed and signed by parent/legal guardian
•Accompanying Adult – authorized in item 1 above must present photo ID and be over 18 years of age.

Ages: 4-13 years old.

Finish: Every competitor receives a T-shirt and medal.

Spectators: Spectators can view select obstacles on the Junior and Adult courses and also have full access to the village areas.

Want to have fun, gain new skills and meet a lot of interesting people? Volunteer to spend an exciting day as part of the behind-the-scenes team that makes it all happen. It's easy!