Spartans move. Trails and gyms, offices and road trips. Spartans have active lifestyles that need fuel to meet their energy demands.

It’s hard enough to eat healthy when you have all the luxuries of your home kitchen. Things really get difficult when you are on the road. They are even more challenging when on the trail.

Spartans seek wholesome, organic foods to power their active and healthy lifestyle. The CLIF® Athlete Series is performance food, carefully crafted to support athletes before, during and after their most challenging adventures.

Together, this suite of products meet the energy, hydration and recovery needs of performance athletes, providing the nutrients needed most for training and competing.

Wrapped, ready, and delicious, CLIF delivers the nutrients you need to keep going, no matter what’s in front of you.

For this section, we’ve partnered with CLIF BAR to bring you nutrition information and helpful tips to support your active lifestyle.