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"The best way to predict your future is to create it."


Spartan is the global leader in obstacle course racing for a reason - we will challenge you to push beyond your limits. There are no excuses here. This isn’t a casual 5k or fun run. At Spartan, we want you to achieve more. Don’t worry though - you're not alone. There’s no Spartan left behind. We’re ready to lock arms with you and help you along your journey. Whether you’re ready to tackle your first 3 mile Spartan Sprint, or you’re an elite athlete seeking to crush a 30-mile Ultra and a podium spot, we’re all in this together. Aroo!

He transformed his life

At his heaviest, Matthew Saylor was 480 pounds. Getting out of the house was difficult and walking a city block left him winded. Saylor woke up one morning and decided to change his life.

“Losing 300 pounds for me was never an easy thing. New Years was always that time where I was like ‘I’m going to finally do this.’ I started creating better habits. You have to fill the gap,” said Saylor. He filled that gap with healthy foods, fitness, and Spartan races. He enjoys helping others on the course and says he somewhat of a “Hype Man”.


 -  3 miles, 20 Obstacles


 -  3 miles, 20 Obstacles


 -  8 miles, 25 Obstacles


 -  13 miles, 30 Obstacles

31 Habits for the New Year

Don't head into the new year unprepared. Especially since we all know most resolutions don't make it past the first few months. Make Spartan’s life-changing habits part of your 2019 attack plan and see what you're capable of achieving. We know that you'll face obstacles. Heck, we're in the obstacle business. Building them, overcoming them, etc. That's why we've collected our favorite hacks together in one place, to help you on your journey to a new you. If you can commit to following these 31 Spartan habits, we're certain you'll attain the success you're chasing.

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Get started with a new you in 2019

Train like a Spartan

Spartans are well-rounded athletes. So to train like a Spartan, you have to be willing to put in work across a full spectrum of exercises. Don't worry though. You don't have to be at an elite fitness level. You just have to push yourself. That's what Spartans do.

Spartan training will help you scale that wall, climb that rope, and throw that spear. But that's not all. You'll also need to run and run and run—through miles of woods, fields, or straight-up mountain goat trails. So we'll help you build up that running endurance, alongside your upper body strength. We'll mix in plenty of mobility too.

Train like a Spartan

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