028: Risa Mish: Expert on Leadership and Resilience , Attorney, Johnson Lecturer


Risa Mish, a resiliency expert who lectures at Cornell, started her career as an attorney and bases many of her insights on a fundamental problem she noticed in the practice of law. Lawyers were focusing on maximizing their fees (naturally) and not necessarily in providing value to their clients. While this seemed advantageous in the short term, in the long term it eroded the efficiency of the firm and actually bled away profits. It is this same sort of problem solving, Mish demonstrates, that can move us with greater success through a race, business and life.


  1. Mitigate failures by predicting ways you can fail and troubleshooting why.
  2. Place yourself around people who are different than yourself as a way of becoming more adaptable.
  3. Problems always have multiple causes.

Panel Notes:

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