015: Mimi Anderson | World Record Holding Ultra Runner, 1400mi x S. Africa


All Mimi Anderson really wanted was thinner legs. She ran the windiest road imaginable to get there, a journey that brought her across frigid tundra and blistering desert alike and placed her in the record books for posterity. Along the way, what she found hidden underneath her compulsion to thin down was a passion to challenge herself and grow. Anderson runs it in 100 mile+ chunks, but swears that 5k is plenty if that’s what challenges you. She has one deceptively simple piece of advice: Just sign up and you’ll find a way to make it happen.


  1. Just sign up and it and you’ll find a way to make it happen.
  2. When the going gets tough, think of all the people who expect you to fail.
  3. If you don’t constantly push boundaries, you’re not going to grow as a person.

Panel Notes:

Searchable Terms: world records, ultra endurance running, Marathon des Sables, adventure racing, Yukon Race, Spartathalon, Fresian Trail

Resources/Mentions: Mimi Anderson http://marvellousmimi.com/v2/2014/09/18/freedom-runners/

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