009: Allen Lim: Skratch Labs


Allen Lim, founder of Skratch Labs, conceived his company in the intense atmosphere of  the Tour de France. If his methods could succeed in this gritty environment, he figured, they’d certainly thrive in day to day life. His company caters to the daily lifestyle needs of young athletes in particular, who may neither have the time or resources to keep this crucial ingredient of training in check. Excellence is ultimately a holistic endeavor, and as Lim proves, the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.


  1. We are all humans and we are all athletes.
  2. Lessons learned in sports can be helpful in life.
  3. Find a way to be happy first and that happiness will create success.

Panel Notes:

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Resources/Mentions: Skratch Labs http://www.skratchlabs.com/