007: Tony The Fridge: How To Achieve The Impossible


It started as a bet, but soon turned into a mission. Tony the Fridge carries a 93 lb. “burden” on his back on journeys that make marathons look like fun runs. Why? He does it for those who carry what he sees as greater loads, notably the cancer sufferers for whom he raises funds. How? He never runs solely relying on his own strength. He is empowered by the community supporting him. His dedication to them leaves him no choice. When he’s running, Tony rarely thinks beyond the next step.


  1. We are all going to die that’s why we have to live.
  2. Focus on who you are not what you are.
  3. Live everyday as it’s your last one.

Panel Notes:

Searchable Terms: ultra running, charity running, cancer awareness, refrigerator, cancer research, inspirational stories

Resources/Mentions: Tony The Fridge http://www.tonythefridge.com/

Cancer Research UK: https://www.justgiving.com/cancerresearchuk

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