005: Zach Even Esh: Strength coach


Zach Even Esh, body builder, strength coach and author, built success out of the raw material of failure. His self belief carried him through the rough patches of a startup wrestling camp that he ran out of his garage. It took him a year to even make a dime. But he would tap into the energy of the small successes to build momentum, in his eyes a crucial component of making it, and that propelled him past the  disappointments.  In the process, his mental grit became the equal of his physical grit.


  1. On the road to success, pay attention to the unsuccessful stuff.  These experiences will help you.
  2. Don’t let circumstances boss you around.
  3. Wake up early!
  4. When the going gets tough get creative. Build on momentum.

Panel Notes:

Searchable Terms: Body Building, entrepreneur, success, gyms, perserverance

Resources/Mentions: Underground Strength Gym http://undergroundstrengthclub.com/

Zach Even Esh Books  http://www.amazon.com/Zach-Even-Esh/e/B00LA6RTA2