003: Ben Greenfiel: Achieve Success in Family, Fitness and Career


Ben Greenfield, Triathlete, Spartan Racer, fitness guru, father and author of Beyond Training is equally driven by his passions as well as his family. The whole idea, he says, is to remember the important things in life. To achieve that balance, instead of forgoing one thing or another, he combines both. His family stays together while they play together. It started when he began running triathlons together with his wife eight years ago, and continues to this day even if it means doing hill sprints with a toddler on his back.


  1. It’s okay to push the limits in life. But be when your activities take you away from your family, friends, relationships, love, etc. you have gone too far.
  2. Best way to stay active and motivated is to sign up for something – 5K, Spartan race etc.
  3. Expose your kids at a young age to fitness and an active life style.

Panel Notes:

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Resources/Mentions: Ben Greenfield Fitness http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/

Beyond Training: http://beyondtrainingbook.com/

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