002: Ricardo Migliarese: One Punch Changed Everything


Like a Rocky of Brazilian Jujitsu, Ricardo Migliarse harnessed the brutality of the mean streets of South Philly to his advantage. He learned to stand up to the daily harassment of bullies and transformed that raw toughness into something that could help others. He followed his brother into jujitsu and quickly rose to be a top competitor.  In the process he discovered that the truly tough people in life aren’t the ones with the chips on their shoulders. Ricardo describes what it takes to be a champion.


  1. Establishing a work ethic early in life is important.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people and become a part of a supportive community.
  3. There are no excuses for not making time for fitness and good health.
  4. Life is all about the basics.
  5. Life is about constantly growing and learning regardless of your accomplishments.
  6. Mission: To reach out to children and young adults and get them off the streets and into the gym as a way to teach them a lifestyle of discipline, hard work and education.

Panel Notes:

Searchable Terms: MMA, Brazilian jujitsu, grit, bullying, self defense, fighting

Resources/Mentions: Balance Studios http://www.balancestudios.net/

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