131: Noah Devereux and Sam Branson | How the Branson Family Harnesses Challenge

Managed risk and seat of your pants adventure are the modus operandi of the Branson family as Richard Branson’s son Sam and nephew Noah Devereux confirm. They demonstrate that not only can an obstacle laden life full of challenge and struggle be a choice, but the fast track to enrichment as a human being. Both of them could, after all, live a life of extreme ease, but it says a lot that they hardly consider it. Devereux talks about his unique upbringing in which he was encouraged to dive off the highest cliff and Branson of intentional peril in the arctic, both of whom have channeled their rites of passage and good fortune into philanthropy.


  1. To grow into a fully realized person you need to seek out rites of passage.

  2. The biggest struggles provide the biggest personal gains.

  3. Every moment provides the opportunity for adventure.


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