087: Dave Asprey | Biohacking – is it legit?

Biohacking groundbreaker Dave Asprey, got the controversial trend of adding butter to coffee going and it turns out that’s just one of many hacks espoused by this alternative health entrepreneur. He believes that by gathering the right data, our bodies can be optimized through unconventional methods. Asprey himself has been hacking his mitochondria for many years. Besides the things we can monitor, Asprey describes the confounding array of activity that occurs without our conscious awareness. Yet this state that is most difficult to pin down turns out to be the one in which human performance peaks.


  1. Recovery is a vital part of training but often gets neglected.
  2. The flow state is elusive but when we reach it we do amazing things.
  3. Biohacking attempts to understand when your body is helping you and when it’s betraying you.



  • Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
  • Panel: Joe De Sena, Johnny Waite, Sefra, Col. Tim Nye & Delle
  • Audio Post Engineer – Team Podcast
  • Synopsis – Matt Baatz
  • Interview Videography – Michael Isabell

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