Professor Robert Sternberg, psychologist and psychometrician thinks schools have been testing and teaching the wrong qualities for the last century. What if we’ve been frittering away vast amounts of human potential in that same time frame? Cornell Professor Sternberg has found that success in academics and in life is more closely tied to creative and practical thinking, wisdom and ethics than it is to IQ and memorization, the measures currently in use. He’s on a mission to shake things up. Sternberg also has some invaluable advice on perseverance and seeing through our passions, and he speaks from experience as his path stretches all the way back to elementary school.


  1. The most valuable qualities for success are not tested for in schools: creative and practical thought, wisdom and ethics.
  2. Keep going in the face of obstacles; persevere, but also realize when you’re in the wrong race.
  3. Achieving success is not always getting to your original goal. Sometimes the path was right but the goal was wrong or the goal was right but the path was wrong. Constantly reexamine your path and your goal.

Panel Notes:

Joe De Sena:

Don’t be forgotten like the others that gave up during life’s race. Learn to transfer your physical experiences in life to a deeper knowledge of yourself, and do the reverse when being educated with books, apply what you are reading to your physical life.


A professor of Psychometrics- a field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement of: skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational achievement >>> this podcast addresses the questions of, what is your legacy, what will last beyond you and what is your True North?!!

Johnny Waite:

In this interview, esteemed psychologist and academic Robert Steinberg gives some very interesting insights into what allows people to succeed – and he dismisses most of the old metrics like IQ, SAT, etc, and even reframes what success even is.


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