211: AMANDA SULLIVAN | How to become your own hero

She was run over TWICE & still runs with a smile, Amanda Sullivan will teach you to be the candle that banishes darkness. Amanda is someone who runs into the fire, she has worked with little girls who have been sex trafficked, orphans and refugees from areas of natural disaster and conflict, and was hit by a car … twice. Her previous experiences fortified her with a remarkably resilient baseline, her infectious smile and enthusiasm reminds us to “be the hero your waiting for,” and that we all must rise above our circumstances and reignite our inner flames.


  1. Stop waiting be be rescued, rescue yourself!
  2. Don’t live in the glory days of the past, be present
  3. Live on your own terms
  4. You are in control of your attitude and what you fuel your mind/ body/ soul with
  5. Fight back again adversity
  6. Rise above your circumstances
  7. Ignite your inner flame, fight the darkness
  8. You’re capable of far more than you think
  9. Train your soul by training your mind

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