186: Would you leave everything to sail around the world? Caspar Craven

He sailed around the world, twice; the second voyage with his young family in tow. And in spite of starting a crabbing business in his teens and several other ventures throughout his adulthood, his expeditions are where Caspar Craven learned, along with his family, some of the most vital lessons in life, not the least of which is how to be alive. The most important skill they learned on the high seas through their many adventures is emotional resilience. Hear how they cultivated that resilience and how you can too on this episode of Spartan Up.


  1. Teach resilience by modeling resilience.

  2. Integrative learning through following a passion through all its aspects (math, science, humanities, etc.) can be a more effective teaching tool than learning each discipline in isolation and without context.

  3. Talk about what you want to do all the time until it becomes vivid and real to you, then figure out how to do it.


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