173. Zach Even-Esh: King of Underground Strength

Underground strength coach Zach Even-Esh has a unique distinction, the only guest to be interviewed three times in Spartan Up! During the insane weekend that in Pittsfield, Vermont (birthplace of Spartan Race,) that contained the Spartan Wrestling Camp, Spartan Agoge and a series of Podcasts, Col. Nye made time to check in with with Spartan up regular Zach Even-Esh. Meanwhile the Summer Agoge class is fire walking at Spartan’s own Area 51. They talk about how Zach trains youth, not just for wrestling, but for life. How the camp trains the mind is paramount, and the true foundation of strength. As always, Even-Esh is a wellspring of inspiration.


  1. True strength must transcend gym walls.

  2. Convenience and excellence are never found on the same road.

  3. To be great at something, genuinely care.


Spartan Wrestling Camp

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Encyclopedia of Underground Strength

Underground Strength Coach

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