159: Jesse Itzler | Exactly How Many Days Do You Have Left?

10,752 is the number Jesse Itzler had at the time of this interview, and on each of these he challenges himself to hack his mind into living a more productive and meaningful life. How do you get the most out of each day? Challenge yourself. Itzler believes in immersing himself in new worlds, changing his frame of reference. He turned over his life for a month to an ultra running Navy SEAL. This interview is so engaging we made Jesse Itzler keep talking with us all the way to our next meeting!


  1. Remember your mortality to gain an appreciation for life.

  2. All the best lessons are from things that are challenging.

  3. Immerse yourself in a different culture to create a different frame of reference.

29029 – Climb Everest in Vermont with Jesse

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100 Mile Man
Living With a SEAL



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