Special Spartans

We are proud to call your attention to Special Spartans

This special race (one of 15 around the country!) offers kids with intellectual, and/or developmental disabilities (IDD), and those with cognitive, learning and/or vocational delays a chance to build self-esteem, pride and physical accomplishment.

Utilizing the Spartan Kids course, the event accommodates the sensory profiles, physical and cognitive limitations, and behavioral issues associated with the challenges faced by these race participants.

Special Spartans traverse course paired with Spartan volunteers who assist them to each small victory over the obstacles. The courage, grit, and spirit of the course will inspire you, to say the least.

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We would love to hear from you. Please send an email to evanc@spartan.com with questions, comments, pictures and stories.

Good luck on the course. Thanks for supporting this most worthwhile cause and making us all proud Spartans.