#WeAreSpartan: I Turned My Breast Cancer Diagnosis into a Business

By Andrea Farrell, Breast Cancer Survivor

My name is Andrea Farrell, and this is my story.

I’ve always been active and healthy. I welcomed new and challenging workouts. I am a former NFL Cheerleader (go COLTS) and avid runner, I trained with the best in my area when it came to “boot camp” classes.

All of that said, four years ago, at 36 years old, with my three-month-old in my arms (my one and only son) I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer.

I learned quickly that cancer doesn’t discriminate.

It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, how young you are or what you’ve accomplished. Cancer chose me. But I knew that there were two things that I could control throughout my process of chemotherapy and surgical procedures: my attitude and my what.

Each day, I chose to put a smile on my face, to thank God that I had a chance to fight and conquer cancer, and to appreciate each moment with gratitude and grace. I chose to find my “what.” I never asked, “Why me? Why now? Why this?” Instead, I looked for things like, “What is my purpose because of this? What can I do to help others? What can I learn from this to grow and become better, not just for myself but for everyone around me?” My situation led me to create, patent, and manufacture surgical bras for women going through their own journey.

Andrea Farrell holds her son 2 years into remission.

What I didn’t know at the time was that this product would turn into a nursing bra, a yoga bra and just a great, comfortable support garment. Now, as a Survivor Speaker for the NFL and the American Cancer Society, I am giving back to women all over the country, helping them to feel comfortable and beautiful while raising money to help in the fight against cancer through research, wellness programs and education.

After finishing my fight against cancer (I’m four years cancer-free), this year was the first year I was able to start running again and training hardcore like I use to. I am looking forward to doing my first Spartan Race this November with my step-mom (I always refer to her as my “mom” though) by my side as my partner.

I’m Andrea Farrell, 41 years old, creator and founder of Blush Life Apparel, and I am a survivor.

How You Can Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer


We might not all be on the front lines, but we’re all fighting this battle together. Spartan invites you to show your support for the cause. When you purchase any 2016 Men’s or Women’s Burpees for Boobs apparel, Spartan Race will donate the net profits of your purchase to the Foundation. Every dollar will be invested directly in breakthrough genomics research to help find the cures. Faster.

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