Why TRIFECTA? 5 Good Reasons to Sprint, Super, Beast in 2017

By David DeLuca, Spartan Editor

The thought of doing one Spartan Race can be enough to intimidate most people. The thought of doing three seems like lunacy. Still, thousands of Spartans join the TRIFECTA Tribe every year after completing one Spartan Sprint, Super, and Beast. Hundreds more make the rounds multiple times.

Why? Here are 5 good reasons to earn your TRIFECTA in 2017.

Spartans flaunt bad-ass Trifecta medals at a Spartan Race.


You’ll do things you never thought you could do. That builds self-esteem.

When a person completes a TRIFECTA, that means they’ve completed the world’s hardest 5K, the world’s hardest 10K, and the world’s hardest half-marathon. It means they’ve either done 300 burpees (which is impressive already) or they’ve slain a slew of obstacles designed to best the best of us. If you’re not 100-percent confident you can do a TRIFECTA, that’s the single most important reason to do one. Once you overcome what you believe is impossible, nothing can stop you.


You earn respect. Because you don’t get a TRIFECTA for “trying.”

Provided you’re not going for a “liefecta”—a false (and conspicuously lowercase) TRIFECTA made by skipping burpees at a Sprint, Super and Beast—the TRIFECTA is a symbol of an impressive accomplishment. A typical TRIFECTA is a journey of about 26 miles, 14 hours on the course, and at least 70 obstacles—not to mention a heck ton of burpees, FitAids, and something like 20 hours on the road. It’s not easy, nor is it something to be taken lightly. It’s aptly considered a Spartan rite of passage.


It will force you to get stronger and run faster. (Otherwise you’re not going to finish.)

You can probably burpee out of every obstacle in a Sprint and finish without training. It won’t necessarily be fun, per se, but it’s not impossible. Taking that methodology to a Super, though, is pushing your luck. As for the Beast, just don’t. You either crush these races or they crush you. Nobody just “slips through.”

Spartans flaunt bad-ass Trifecta medals at a Spartan Race.

We don’t mean that to be intimidating. All we’re saying is that, if you’re going to earn your TRIFECTA, the journey will necessarily make you fitter, stronger, and faster. There’s no way around it. Forget diet pills, beach-body fat-loss programs, and productivity hacks—train for a TRIFECTA for 2017, and let the process work its “magic.” (Note: by magic we mean your own hard work.)


Instead of looking back on life and wishing you had had the guts to do a TRIFECTA, you get to look at all your medals.

Yes, we pulled the regret card, but hear us out. If you view life as a series of choices, there are an infinite number of paths you could follow. Every moment is like a fork in time, and one decision could land you in totally different universe. That includes your decision to take a chance on your own ability.

Going for a TRIFECTA can be scary, though. We get it. If you’re pretty sure you can’t do it, then actually achieving it would be a massive blow to your sense of self. At the end of your third race, you would suddenly find yourself with undeniable proof that you’re more capable than you ever thought, and you might even start questioning whether there’s anything you can’t do.

That would be a disaster. Probably best to stay put and forget about the whole thing.


It’s a fix for your travel bug, and you’ll make great new friends

On the surface, a TRIFECTA might seem simple: three races. Cue fanfare from the world’s tiniest trumpet! Sure, it’s “simple,” but when you consider the fact that those three races could be anywhere in the country (or the world), you start to see how this simple TRIFECTA opens up a lot of options. To illustrate this point, we had the Spartan Poetry Squad (SPS) write up a four-liner.

TRIFECTA in three states. TRIFECTA in one.
TRIFECTA Hawai’i—grit, sand and sun.
TRIFECTA in Europe or Asia—your pick.
Just do your d—n burpees. Thirty’s the trick.

Not only that, but you’ll meet a ton of people in the process. Let’s just assume for a second that it’s a good thing to be fit, motivated, committed, disciplined, and healthy. So, if you are the average of your five best friends (as they say), it would probably be smart to choose your friends from among the fittest, most motivated, most disciplined, and most committed people in the world. Going to three Spartan Races is like a shortcut into that circle. Showing up to a Spartan Race says that you care about your body; people notice; people start inviting you to things. The rest is history.

Spartans flaunt bad-ass Trifecta medals at a Spartan Race.

A Spartan TRIFECTA is a three-part achievement: one Spartan Sprint, one Spartan Super, and one Spartan Beast (or Ultra Beast). It’s an impressive accomplishment on its own or as part of the Spartan DELTA. Earn yours in 2017 to commit to a healthy lifestyle.