Make Your Mark

Represent Your Country

In 2019, Spartan athletes from around the world will compete on the biggest stages in the sport of obstacle course racing. From global national series', regional championships, and the Spartan World Championship, there’s something unique about each challenge.

Step Onto The World Stage

The Spartan World Championship powered by Rakuten returns to North Lake Tahoe on September 28 - 29, 2019 as a gated Sunday event in a packed festival setting. With a simplified qualification process and added age categories, there are more chances to qualify. Athletes from more than 30 countries will compete at National Series Events and Regional Championships with hopes of competing on the world stage. Open racers will get to race on Saturday, take in the festival style setting on Saturday night and then take in the theatrics of the Age Group and Elite race on Sunday. Age Group and Elite athletes will be able to enjoy a fully gated event that has been moved to a prime-time broadcast spot. North Lake Tahoe is calling. Make Your Mark.

The Tribe is Calling

The stage is set for an epic battle as the Trifecta World Championship returns to Sparta November 1-3, 2019. This course is an exclusive and gated invitational event for our Trifecta finishers. An invite-only event, athletes will make the journey to Sparta from around the world where they will be put to the ultimate test: three races in one weekend. Athletes will endure the biggest test of their lives as they race past the tomb of Menelaus, through the waters of Eurotas and finish in front of Leonidas to find glory in the ancient homeland of the Spartans. This is your time. Sparta is calling. Find out who you were born to be.


The Ultra World Championship in Sweden is a great expedition of body, mind and spirit. It’s not just an incredible physical journey across 30+ miles and obstacles over 24 hours, it’s a battle of will and perseverance. Traverse a mountain, crawl past your comfort zone, run across the Scandinavian landscape and find yourself, stronger. Join endurance athletes from around the world in Sweden for the greatest race of your life. Earn an Elite or Age Group spot at any Ultra event around the globe. Or, register now with no qualification needed for the Open category.

No Small Challenge

Pushing beyond your limits. Working together as a team. Having fun. Making new friends. Getting muddy. Playing in the great outdoors and forging lifelong friendships along the way is the very nature of being a kid. You're never too young to set goals and conquer them. Make 2019 your year. Race any kids event during the regular season and join us for the Kids World Championships. Jump, run, climb, get muddy, and crush the course with an energetic group of people your own size that you will establish bonds for a lifetime with. Set your sights on the world stage.

Coming Soon

The Road to Tahoe

Anyone can enter these events. The top 10 male and female elite and age group finishers unlock entry into their nearest regional championship. The final leaderboard for each series determines who earns spots at the 2019 World Championship powered by Rakuten via a “roll-down week”, starting with 1st place. Each series will be allocated a number of spots at the world championship.

  • South American Regional Series
  • Mexican National Series
  • Canadian National Series
  • United States National Series
  • France National Series
  • Spain National Series
  • Italy National Series
  • UK + Ireland Regional Series
  • CEU Regional Series
  • DACH Regional Series
  • Australian National Series
  • SEA Regional Series
  • East Asia Regional Series

To qualify for one of the 5 gated championships, you must be a top 10 elite or age group finisher (male or female) at any regular season race. The same applies for each national and regional series event. A roll-down mechanism for elite category athletes exists globally.

Qualify for the 2019 World Championship powered by Rakuten at any of these events:

  • South American Championship
  • North American Championship
  • European Championships
  • APAC Championships
  • Middle East & Africa Championships

Elite spots are scarce with just 600 total elite spots available (300 men / 300 women). There are only 2000 spots for age groupers (200 per age group, 100 male / 100 female). Elite and age group racers will have the course to themselves for an entire day at the World Championship powered by Rakuten.

2019 World Championship powered by Rakuten qualification now occurs during roll-down week.

Roll-down week follows the ceremony:

  • Immediately after age group awards at each National series final + championship.
  • Runs until the following Sunday.
  • For example: North American Championship roll-down begins August 25, 2019.

Opportunity to be immediately registered:

  • Given to athletes present at the event with roll-down.

Qualifying email invitations:

  • Email invitations sent for all remaining spots post on-site roll-down.
  • Email invitation is sent with a unique code.
  • Email invitation sent to remaining qualified athletes.
  • The 2019 World Championships powered by Rakuten in North Lake Tahoe is a Beast only event, open heats will occur on Saturday with gated heats in Elite and Age Group on Sunday.
  • There will be 10 Age Group Categories in 2019, with new sub-categories 30-34, 35-39, 40-44 and 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+