Buy a race, get a race

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Buy a race for yourself and get a second race for your soulmate. Share the love and save up to 65%.


Forget about chocolate and flowers. Surprise your Valentine with an experience of a lifetime. Save up to 65% on 2 races.


Save up to 65%

2 race codes valid for 2019 Sprints


Save up to 55%

2 race codes valid for 2019 Stadions


Save up to 52%

2 race codes valid for 2019 Supers


Save up to 40%

2 race codes valid for 2019 Beasts


Test your love over 3 miles and 20 obstacles. If you cross the finish line holding hands- you know it’s forever.

For a limited time, save up to 65% when you buy the Sprint 2-Pack. This year, give your Valentine an experience of a lifetime. Through thick and thin, this Sprint will strengthen your bond and provide you with endless inside jokes.

Are you single or do you genuinely dislike Valentine’s Day? Use both the races for yourself! Beware, you might meet your true love on the race course...

*Excludes the Elite registration choice.


Get it on with the Stadion. Ditch the chocolates and surprise your swolemate with a fun, healthy experience in the city. The Stadion consists of 3 miles and 20 obstacles in America’s most beloved stadiums and ballparks. Run up stairs, through locker rooms and finish on the field.

You’ll save up to 55% on two Stadions with the Valentine 2-Pack. Commit before the deal ends February 14, 2019.

All you single ladies and lads, don’t let this deal pass you by. Grab a friend and share a Stadion 2-pack. Or just use them both yourself!

*Excludes the Elite registration choice.


Who do you want to share 8 miles and 25 obstacles with? They must be Super. This mid-distance race will test your relationship and leave you with a story to tell the kids. Too early to talk about kids?

Save up to 52% on two Supers when you buy the Super Valentine Pack. The deal ends on February 14, 2019 so don’t wait.

Don’t want to share? You can use both race passes for yourself if you want! Sign up for the pass and you will receive a coupon code good for any two Supers in the U.S. in 2019.

*Excludes the Elite registration choice.


Who’s the beauty to your beast? Conquer 13 miles and 30 obstacles with your Valentine for the most epic weekend getaway. This challenging half marathon distance is something you’ll both be proud of at the finish line.

Right now, save up to 40% on two Beasts with the Beast 2-Pack. This deal ends February 14, 2019 so there’s no time for cold feet.

The Valentine 2-Pack isn’t just for lovers. You can share it with your sister, best friend, coworker, gym buddy or use them both for yourself. Spread the love.

*Excludes the Elite registration choice.

*Offer valid for US events only. Cannot be retroactively applied or combined with any other offers including Not valid for Kid’s Race, spectator tickets, Endurance events or Elite heats. Offer Ends 2/14/19 11:59pm ET. Must redeem both entries by 3/19/19 11:59pm ET.