The Year of Transformation

Real Spartans. Real stories. Real change.

In 2020, Spartan will feature tales of grit, perseverance and transformation from real racers around the world. Ready to be inspired?

What We're Doing and Why


Spartan is about more than races and training; it's about changing lives. In 2020, we're encouraging Spartans to share their stories of transformation, and we plan to highlight 2020 stories this year. Are you in?! Learn how to get involved.

330 Pounds, 1 New Man

Over the course of a grueling 11 years, Jose Cordero went from 550 pounds to 220, and in the process completely turned his life around. Spartan helped him reach a goal that seemed impossible. His story is as inspiring as it is amazing.

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These Spartans Inspire Us Every Day

Brain Cancer Has Nothing on Him

Tommy Lundgren didn't let a brain tumor keep him from completing a 50K Ultra race.

Always Breaking New Barriers

Caitlin Conner could have given up after losing a leg. Instead, she became an icon.

Nothing Can Stop This Woman

Lisabeth Cuppoletti ran a half marathon while undergoing cancer treatment. She wasn't done.