Take the Spartan Super Bowl Challenge!

Take the Spartan Super Bowl Challenge!

Ah, Super Bowl Sunday! There's absolutely nothing like it. Great food, great friends, a joyous atmosphere, and the grandest sporting event in America. What more could you possibly ask for?

But as much as we're all for eating and drinking and being merry, we're still Spartans, and that means there are no days off. Not even on Super Bowl Sunday.

As you eat appetizers — here are some tasty, healthy options, by the way — and watch the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs duel it out in Miami for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, take the Spartan Super Bowl Challenge!

Super Bowl Challenge

What does the Spartan Super Bowl Challenge entail? After every big play in the game, you're required to do the following exercises and number of reps:

Touchdown = 5 Burpees

First Down = 10 Sit-Ups

Sack = 10 Push-Ups

Fumble = 5 Squats

Field Goal = 10 Jumping Jacks

Interception = 5 Jump Squats

If the game ends up being a shootout, that will be one hell of a workout!

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After the game, let us know on Instagram (using the #spartanbowlchallenge hashtag) if you completed the challenge, and how many reps you did of each exercise. And prior to it, let us know who you are picking to win! (Spartan is going with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Just too much offense.)

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