Island Ninja Grant Mccartney's 3-Step Cold-Hot Recovery Protocol

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Island Ninja Grant Mccartney's 3-Step Cold-Hot Recovery Protocol
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Grant Mccartney doesn’t just have some of the best obstacle skills in the world, he’s also got his recovery completely dialed in. Whether he’s focused on running, lifting, or swimming under an icy lake in the middle of Alaska, he’s always making sure that he’s progressing forward and avoiding injury. The following routine keeps him coming back better and better after every training session. 

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Island Ninja Grant Mccartney's Recovery Protocol

grant mccartney recovery

1. The 5/15 Cold-Hot Protocol

Mccartney is a big believer in both cold plunges and heat therapies, like the sauna. He says that his ideal setup is an ice bath in the 40-degree range for five minutes, followed by a sauna session for 15 minutes at the highest temperature that he can handle.

“I want it to be super cold in the bath, and then get hot as hell in the sauna,” he says.

He’ll repeat that process for three rounds. 

2. Stretching Trouble Areas

“I’m learning more and more just how crucial stretching is for me,” the Ninja Warrior says.

Mccartney will take things slow getting out of the cold, but once he’s in the heat, he’ll stretch.

grant mccartney recovery

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“I pick body parts that I know are my bad areas, like my hip flexors, legs, and butt,” he shares.

Mccartney's legs, in particular, often recover slowly and suffer from increased soreness. So, he’ll also use the Normatec boots for a few minutes as well, if he feels that it's necessary. 

3. Sleep Well and Keep Moving

grant mccartney recovery

While cold, hot, and stretching are Mccartney’s big must-haves, he claims that sleep and active recovery days are game-changers, too.

“The only way I can increase my performance in workouts is good rest,” he says.

He also believes that every athlete should have “healthy slow days” in their programs, too.

“I’m not saying you kill yourself, but do some that makes you sweat, whether that’s a long walk or whatever,” he adds. 

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