Your Unbreakable Day: A Sweat-Filled Workout, Tea and Burpees With Joe De Sena, and Virtual Racing

Your Unbreakable Day: A Sweat-Filled Workout, Tea and Burpees With Joe De Sena, and Virtual Racing
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During this period of uncertainty, Spartan wants you to stay focused, stay strong, and stay motivated. We want you to become UNBREAKABLE. Every day on Spartan Facebook and this page, we’re featuring new workouts, healthy recipes, mental health advice, and wisdom from our fearless founder and CEO. When it’s all said and done, you will have dominated this difficult period, and you’ll be ready to dominate out on the course.

Check back daily for more updates, and follow this UNBREAKABLE plan to train, eat, and think like a Spartan.

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Early Morning: Tea and Burpees With Joe

Wake up, Spartans! Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena begins the day with some of his recommended immune boosters, as well as his daily burpees and stretches. Plus, Spartan Tea, Superman poses, and inspiration to get you motivated and mentally prepared for whatever comes your way.

Mid-Morning: Full-Body Workout in Your Driveway

This workout is no joke. Are you up for it? Spartan pro Heather Gollnick is live from her driveway, with a no-equipment-needed, full-body workout that you can do in a small space (your living room, for instance, if you don't have a driveway). Make sure to have extra towels handy for this one. You're going to need them.

Afternoon: Spartan Kids B.A.S.E. Camp, Day 9

Spartan Kids B.A.S.E. (battle, athletic, skill, exercise) Camp, led by three-time NCAA All-American and Olympian Andy Hrovat, enters Day 9. Check our Unbreakable archives and YouTube page for the first eight training sessions, and make sure to tune into Spartan Facebook at 3 p.m. daily for brand new workouts.

New Product: Introducing Spartan Virtual Racing

Miss races? We do too. We can't fill that void right now, but this might be the next best thing. Welcome to Spartan Virtual Racing, featuring free virtual Sprints, Supers, and Beasts every weekend. Click here to read the instructions and use #spartanvirtualracing to track your progress. Go get your virtual Trifecta.

Tune into Spartan Facebook tomorrow — and continue to visit Life.Spartan and our main Unbreakable page — for daily workouts, recipes, tips, videos, and more.