Our Coaches Tested Amazfit’s New Watch. Here Are 3 Reasons You Should, Too.

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Our Coaches Tested Amazfit’s New Watch. Here Are 3 Reasons You Should, Too.
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Tracking and maintaining optimum training while constantly trying to improve your performance every day is crucial. Athletes of all abilities want to access the data on how they are getting better every day while keeping up with constant, inevitable lifestyle changes. Wearable technology is an excellent way to track that performance progress because it is increasingly becoming available in different, more convenient forms. This form of technology has proved to be beneficial for our Spartan obstacle course racers, especially the Amazfit watch. A watch can be worn every day, whether you are training for your next race or simply going to work. The Amazfit watch has proven itself capable of allowing people to do both while still looking their best in both environments. 

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Amazfit, a wearable device company that was established in 2015, aims to bring performance and fashion together with the unique style of their wearable technology. Amazfit is committed to staying up to date with emerging trends to ensure that their products are giving consumers a high level of confidence for everyday wear while they perform and push to reach their goals. The innovative wearable technology can assist with obstacle course racing performance because it is convenient and accessible for those performing. Dedicated racers consistently push themselves to be better every day, and with this watch, they are able to track all of the progress they are making while performing. 

How Does Amazfit’s Technology Perform in the Real World?

a spartan racer wearing the amazfit training watch

Functional Fitness

Select Spartan SGX coaches recently had the opportunity to utilize the watch in their everyday life. Josh Saber, a Spartan racer and fitness enthusiast, enjoys the wearable technology because it allows him to track his progress while he is in recovery, and is able to keep up when he is working out — no matter how high the intensity becomes. Spanning from kettlebell workouts to rowing, the Amazfit watch is able to give accurate data across the board, which Josh really appreciates.

Obstacle Course Racing

Christian Bizzotto is a Spartan obstacle course specialist and racing coach who relies heavily on  Amazfit technology. He enjoys the graphics and affordability of this wearable technology because it makes it accessible to those who want to track their progress. 

Shannon Silcox is a Spartan SGX coach and certified personal trainer who enjoys her Amazfit watch because she feels like she is wearing a trainer on her arm. She is able to gather detailed data on every session, such as how many sets she’s done, how long her sets are lasting, and the quality of her rest period between sets. 

Mountain Biking

Jennifer Taylor is a mountain biker and a Spartan race ultrarunner who enjoys using her Amazfit watch on her difficult, lengthy journeys. It takes plenty of time to get up a mountain with a bike in tow, and while descending generally takes up less time, Jennifer notices that her watch is able to get her through the entire journey on a single charge. Plus, while running a Spartan Ultra — a grueling race consisting of over 30 miles — she is able to track her progress throughout every mile. 

The Verdict: The Amazfit Watch’s Best Qualities

Each of the multi-discipline coaches has their favorite unique quality of the watch, but there were a few recurring qualities that they all saw make a difference in their everyday routines. 

1. Durability

The coaches were able to go through the roughest conditions and extreme wear and tear without having to worry about a decrease in quality.

2. Everyday Usage

Amazfit’s watch has the ability to be used as a lifestyle watch that monitors your resting heart rate, your active rest days, and your daily activity outside of working out. On days when they were training, the watch would help the coaches track their progress so that they could accurately train each day. 

3. Affordability

Amazfit is committed to increasing accessibility for racers of all backgrounds to improve their performance. Not only do our SGX coaches benefit from pristine quality, but thanks to the watch’s ideal price point, racers are also able to wear the technology that has helped coaches elevate their performance and tracking.

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