Sanjay Rawal | Running Transcendence

Sanjay Rawal | Running Transcendence
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What does it take to hunt an antelope barefoot in the Kalahari Desert? Run 3,100 miles around the same ½ mile block in Queens, New York for 52 days straight? Or become a Marathon Monk that must complete 1,000 days of consecutive running or be put to death? Find out how this inspired Joe to start Spartan and the persistence and perseverance witnessed through the lens of documentary filmmaker Sanjay Rawal who believes our “first form of prayer was with our feet- when we hunted, we followed animals, we tracked, we foraged…” learn from these cultures of endurance how inner progress can lead you to transcendence.

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LESSONS: 1. Get joy from the pain 2. Humans have a primal connection to the earth through movement- running, hunting, hiking was a part of everyday life- KEEP MOVING 3. Self transcendence comes through perseverance and persistence 4. Track your inner patterns - choose trajectories to catch what your hunting for
5. “Happiness is solely dependent on your physicality - if you’re not challenging yourself physically you’re not challenging your mind and heart”

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TIME STAMPS: 3:00 What inspired Joe to start Spartan 5:00 find transcendence through movement 6:45 the San Bushmen of Botswana 8:00 how does man persistence hunt in the desert 9:30 how do you track antelope? 16:30 what was humans original religion? 18:20 what is the transcendence ru?

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CREDITS Producer - Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc. Hosts - Joe De Sena with Johnny Waite, Sefra Alexandra, & Col. Tim Nye Synopsis - Matt Baatz