Are You Ready? | Spartan Mind Ep. 004

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Readiness is the state of being prepared to take on a new challenge at any given time. There are two key components of being ready, 1. Your capacity to manage change, and 2. Your willingness to try new things. In this episode, learn about the stories and beliefs that you have about yourself as it relates to these two things and how they may be creating a barrier to being ready.

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LESSONS: 1. Readiness is built from two key components: Your capacity to manage change and your willingness to try new things.
2. Understanding the stories/beliefs that you have about yourself as it relates to these two components 3. will help identify it there are barriers to you being ready. 4. You can easily shift your mindset about being ready by using more positive language about both change and trying new things. 4. “I don’t do well with change” → “I don’t like change but I can manage it.”


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CREDITS: Production Team: Heather Knox, Knox Knox Creative; Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc. Host: Dr. Lara Pence Synopsis: Dr. Lara Pence

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