The Power of Positive Thinking on Performance

The Power of Positive Thinking on Performance
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The Performance-Enhancing Effect of a Positive Mind and Positive Thinking

The data is pretty clear - the way that you think about yourself and  a positive mind impacts your performance. Plain and simple. When you are engaging in positive mind patterns and see the world through a more positive lens, your performance in various arenas increases. Whether it’s your career, your relationships, or your performance out on the Spartan course, how you come out in the end will depend on the way that you think about yourself and the language you use for yourself. The more positive your thinking, the more improved you can expect your performance.

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In a significant study, one group of people read a selection of neutral statements and take a math test and another group reads a group of positive set of statements take the same test. Guess who performs better? The same principle is going to apply to your performance in a race or in any other type of test.

Positive thinking improves your performance. When you think more positively about yourself you engage more effectively with the world and with what you're doing.

Start thinking like this on a routine basis. Work up a positive mind and you'll see your confidence rise and along with it your performance.

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The benefits of positive thinking have been charted in studies on performance tests. Applying the science to your racing will reap benefits.

Positive Mind Lessons

- Thinking positively increases your performance in various arenas of life. Use positive thinking quotes and affirmations to set the right tone.
- When you engage in more positive thinking patterns, you are more likely to operate with greater confidence and faith in yourself.
- How to think positive: Try to shift away from negative, self-deprecating thoughts and start implementing more positive affirmations and mantras.  


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Host: Dr. Lara Pence

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