Need a Motivational Spark? Use This Trick

Need a Motivational Spark? Use This Trick
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If motivation is a secret to success, how do we stay motivated consistently? I wish we could all be motivated 24/7/365 but the truth is, sometimes we’re not. Sometimes our self motivation just isn’t there. 

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You likely feel or think that you should always have this fire burning within you, and then there are times where you just don't have that fire. You feel like you've run out of steam or there's some sort of obstacle in your way. I'm going to share with you a cool story that I learned from my buddy Jim. He was telling me about how he lost momentum. He was training and working out hard, but he wasn't eating right. He was very inconsistent with his exercise habits and the nutrition, so he decided he's going to sign up for a bodybuilding competition. He signed up for a competition 10 weeks out and he said, man, it just put me in the hot seat to eating the right way, training hard and be dialed in with consistency, intensity and effort, so a lot of times we're thinking you need to have self motivation and it's all on your own, but if you speak to a power lifter, he or she will say, write a check and what does a power lifter mean by that?

A Secret to Success: Commit!

Sign up! What do we say at Spartan? Sign up for a local or maybe even a not so local Spartan race because with the race or the competition and the deadline, now you're going to be fired up. You've got something that you're training. Look, this can be even outside of exercise, health and fitness. It could even be with your relationships or family, so if you feel like you need a little bit more fire with their relationships or family, then book yourself a short weekend getaway with the family. Something that you could do quickly and that you have a locked in date for. So sign up for something!  To increase the motivation and the accountability sign up for something with somebody. So it's very unlikely that if you're having a tough down day, your training partner is probably not going to be in the same shoes.

Secret to Success Lessons:

- Sign up for something. “Write a check”.
- Sometimes we need an event to push our motivation. The fear of showing up unprepared will motivate you to show up and do the work.
- Have a team. A team or partner pushes your accountability and energy levels.


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