Brilliance in the Basics

Brilliance in the Basics
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Why get back to basics? The complex, flashy, super-sexy solution rarely survives substantial contact with any situation less than the ideal it was created for.

Spartan STAND Episode #3 with Brian Chontosh | Back to Basics


It’s safe to say that ‘The Basics’ are just that, basic. The reasonable extension of this conversation then suggests also timeless. Let’s look at the lever, wedge, wheel… half of humankind’s inventions wouldn’t work without these simple machines. There’s a saying that goes somewhat like: “Why use an expensive whatnot when a hammer will suffice?”

When faced with problems I like to reduce them to their simplest terms. Complex problems require complex solutions and complex things get increasing hard to pull off when we are tired, afraid, cold, wet, it’s dark… And even then, complex things are typically built on the foundation of the basics. So it stands to reason we should be absolutely brilliant at the basics to even set conditions for the fancy to manifest.

At a minimum, the basics can serve as a last resort. If it’s a last resort you should have the greatest of confidence it will work!

I’m assuming of course you are interested in results and not just the appearance of cool. 

"Everyone wants to do the new thing but no one wants to do what's necessary." --John Wooden


  • Reduce everything to simple terms and then solve for simple.
  • Uncontrollables have the greatest control over ultimate success of the complex.
  • Be impressed with how well/precise, a master applies the basics. It’s called elegance.
  • Spend time tackling the complex so that the basics have greater meaning.

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Producer: Marion Abrams, Madmotion,llc.

Host: Brian “tosh” Chontosh

Show notes: Brian “tosh” Chontosh

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