Who Can Race

Spartan Races are for everyone – Couch potatoes to Olympians and we see both.
Whether you’re new to the obstacle race and mud run circuit or are seasoned and crave the most grueling, competitive course for you and friends to test yourselves – Spartan offers it.
Our goal is to make obstacle racing and mud running more than an incredible day, we hope to turn it into an internationally governed sport that involves competitors of all ages and abilities—primary school, high school varsity, university/NCAA, adult recreation, elites and professionals alike.
Spartan offers a level for everyone beginning with the entry level Spartan Sprint, intermediate level Spartan Super,  the advanced Spartan Beast, and the amped-advanced Spartan Ultra Beast, and the “99.9% need not apply” extreme level Spartan Death Race.
Whatever you and your teams level, Spartan has a race that will test your strength, stamina and sense of humor.

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