How Hard Is It?

Spartan Sprints present challenges that anyone can overcome with sufficient determination. You are guaranteed to cross the finish line with a little bit of mud, a lot of sweat, and a keen sense of self.
For those who prefer longer competitions, we have your distance—anywhere from 8 miles to a full marathon. At every distance, Spartan Races offer the perfect opportunity challenge yourself and build your strength and character in new ways. Almost all Spartans find themselves on an annual challenge of completing a Sprint Super and Beast in a calendar year to earn their trifecta and stay in the shape of their lives.
At every distance and in every category, the majority of those who trudge through and cross the finish line describe their experience as the toughest thing they have ever done, yet they can’t wait to come back for more. And for many competitors, Spartan Races are life changing. As a combined group we estimate we have lost over 5 million pounds together. Once you and friends sign up you find yourself participating in a Spartan healthy lifestyle that creates a new body and new sense of accomplishment.

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