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    3 Eggs a Day: 70% of the time, it works every time.

    by Joe DiStefano of Spartan Coaches Eggs have been perhaps the most debated food of our time. In fact, I distinctly remember the lecture labeling them as the number one food my father was to stop eating after having a heart attack, along with their partner in crime, red meat. The influence of the Paleo […]

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    Where is Your Value Meal?

    by Carrie Adams, Spartan Blog Editor and Finance Professor www.bagofnothing.com Happy Monday, Sparta! As always, Monday is the day that most people say that “the diet starts.” Well, it’s Monday, so how is your diet going? Let’s do some math and see how your fast food lunch is costing you… in burpees AND in your […]

  • Michael Mills

    Michael Mills Makes History

    I became the first ever paralyzed Spartan in history when I finished the Reebok Spartan Georgia race on March 9, 2013 along with my team. A head-on collision with a drunk driver in 1993 landed me in a wheelchair. The devastation from my injuries resulted a T-12 paralysis, but I’ve never let it define or […]

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    Sample Post Title

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    Training Plans: Running Your First Super

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque vehicula sodales nunc ac lobortis. Aliquam varius sit amet neque vel dignissim. Praesent nec mauris ut massa tempor posuere vitae ac lectus. Sed ac justo id tortor molestie porttitor id ac libero. Quisque quis blandit eros, in hendrerit enim. Ut odio nibh, lacinia et ante et, […]

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    Death Race 2013 Almost Here

    Death Race 2013: The Year of the Gambler. Already the rumors are rampant and the speculation is swirling. How long dare they make it? The last four years have seen it swell from 12 hours to 28 to 45 to 70 – Yes, that is SEVENTY HOURS, without rest! There is a reason why we […]

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    Tuxedo Spartan Sprint Recap

    By David Magida, Spartan Pro Team member Reebok Spartan Race returned to Tuxedo, New York for two weekends in a row and for the third annual running of the Tuxedo Spartan Sprint June 2, 3, and a bonus day of June 8, 2013. And while the course offered the familiarity of the same brutal mountains […]

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    Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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    My Spartan Princess!

    By Daniel Pebbles We men, we live, we are strong, we rule, we beat our chest, and yet our strength is nothing next to the will of the women who love us. I have never been surer of this than I was when I watched my wonderful, beautiful, wife (my SPARTAN PRINCESS) complete the Spartan […]

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