Black Turtle Beans 101

When speaking of ‘black beans’, most people are referring to black turtle beans. These are what you find in cans or raw in bulk sections of all food stores. Black turtle beans even come in many sub-varieties with cool names like: Domino, Blackhawk, Nighthawk, and Zorro.

Regardless of what you call them, black beans are packed with fiber, protein, and potassium. These are must-have ingredients for the active lifestyle. And, once you integrate black beans into your baking, be prepared for a whole new generation of desserts that deliver nutrient dense deliciousness.

Also, beans are inexpensive. When bought in bulk, you are getting huge amounts your protein and vitamins at a discount price.

Nutritional Data

black turtle bean nutrition

How to Cook Black Beans

  1. Sort through your beans to remove any funky looking ones, along with any non-bean debris that might have gotten into you beans.
  2. Wash beans in a colander.
  3. Soak beans over night in refrigerator.
  4. Rinse beans throughly in colander.
  5. Boil in water for approximately 60 minutes. Add water when needed. You want to keep beans submerged.
  6. Test beans with a fork to see if they are ready.

Black Bean Recipes

Spartan Rice and Beans

rice and beans

Black Bean & Oregano Soup

black bean oregano soup

Spaghetti and Bean-balls

spaghetti and bean balls

Black Bean and Potato Pie

black bean and potato pie

Banana & Black Bean Muffin Bars

banana and black bean muffin bars

Heavy Duty Black Bean & Chocolate Cake

heavy duty black bean and chocolate cake

Jason Jaksetic

Jason is a Lifestyle Editor at Spartan Race and a member of the Spartan SGX coaching team.

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