Simply, Spartan Race is the world’s leading obstacle race series. It’s an event of pure primitive craziness that you’ll never forget!

Spartan Race has:

  • Races all over the globe!
  • Different distances for different levels and styles or racing
  • A unique culture and community of athletes striving together to overcome any and everything

Please DO NOT CALL the venue with questions about Spartan events. They will not have any answers. Please send all race-related questions via our Contact Page.

The best way is to visit your specific race events page. On that page is a section titled "Important Race Documents" and as your race gets closer, we will add the downloadable .pdf files to that section that will have what you need. This typically happens the week of the race.

Also, it is just good practice to visit your race events page often as it has updated race information, updated packet-pickup information, hotel and boot camp updates, etc.

So check back often as it is not uncommon your race's event page will get updated with more current information than seen when you registered as the race gets closer.

If you place in the top 3 as a male or female for any competitive wave, you will receive a free entry into the next level race. E.g. If you win a Spartan Sprint, you will receive a free race entry for the Super Spartan of your choice. The week after each race, the winners will be contacted via email with instructions on how to redeem the voucher.

Visit our official Demand It page and drill down and find your locaiton on the map and Demand It! Let us know. If the votes and demand are high enough, then we just might come to your area!

Look for the [button image] buttons on each races specific event page. You can get to each races specific event page by clicking the [button image] button found on the home page OR found on the Events page. You can also click on the map on the Events page, find your location, and click the big red REGISTER button that will pop-up.

All over the country we put on different kinds of events, all designed for specific styles of racing and fun. Whatever your level or goals, whether you are a determined champion looking to take home top honors or a member of a team of 30 friends looking to just have a blast, Spartan Race is the venue for your extreme pursuits.

Events are clearly defined on our Events page where you can find a race near you.

The clock! If our courses do not kill you outright, our clock will. This is not just a "trail run" or any old "mud run", it's a race. Most anyone can manage 10 miles and some obstacles. We present you with the ability to hit the course hard and see how you rank. Not just against the competition, but yourself. We want you to be shooting for PERFORMANCE and have you reach it.

There are some staples in our repertoire. There are also some venue specific and terrain inspired obstacles.

We will not, however, spell it out for you. As well, you will get no course map to inspect.

There is fire, mud, water, barbed wire, and occasionally Hell on Earth.

There WILL be obstacles to catch you off guard. Curve balls, so to speak.

Get over it.

We're here to rip you from your comfort zone. If you need a road map for each step of the way, then maybe this race isn’t for you.

Distance and, in general, extremeness.

You can learn more about each kind of Spartan Race by clicking on links below.

[image] What is a Spartan Sprint? 3+ MILES / 15+ OBSTACLES
[image] What is a Super Spartan? 8+ MILES / 20+ OBSTACLES
[image] What is The Spartan Beast? 12+ MILES / 25+ OBSTACLES

  • Event Race Shirt (If you finish)
  • Chip Timing and individual race time
  • Awesome Finisher Medal
  • Post Race Party – music, food to purchase, and beer*!
  • Bragging rights

*Beer where applicable and following all drinking age laws. See events page for details.

Check out our Events page for details on our full race schedule. IF you do not see a race in your area, click on the map at the top and request it with the "Click To Demand It" pop-up!

We do not have course maps. Each Spartan Race strives to surprise the athlete. Preparation for the unknown is a must.

[image]The Hurricane Heat (a.k.a. HH) is a special Spartan Fun Run opportunity with Spartan Founders that we offer at some of our events throughout the season. The Hurricane Heat gives runners the chance to meet and run with the Founders and staff of Spartan Race in a unique and memorable way. Held sometimes early Saturday morning or Friday night (Head lamps and glow sticks required!) it will take you through the course in groups with the goal of just finishing the course. No chips, no clock, just a fun run Spartan-style that represents what our company and our athletes are about getting up when you're knocked down and finishing what you start.

Hurricane Heats sound interesting? Click here to learn even more…

See 2013 season points right here

See 2012 season points right here

See our 2011 World Rankings here

Read all about our 2012 Spartan Point Ranking System (SPR) adopted in 2012 here

Yes, we have setup an official USA Volunteer page with all the details.

Click here to get all of the information.

For Canada and UK races, see their respective race event pages for their volunteer details.

If you are a current Street Team member, you can login here.

Want to become a Street Team member? Rip at least 4 people off the couch and sign them up for a Spartan Race. Apply here.

A member of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe finishes one of each Spartan distance - Sprint, Super, Beast - in a calendar year anywhere in the world. In doing so, they get added to the coveted Spartan Trifecta Tribe wall for all to see and aspire to and they get sent the official Spartan Trifecta patch.

Think you have what it takes? See all of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe members and learn more HERE.

Probably not, but if you know someone that is tough, send them to this page: Ultra Beast

With our FREE eBook you can get here.

Our FREE eBook, In You'll Know at the Finish Line, was written by Spartan Race founders Joe Desena and Andy Weinberg and they present a thrilling alternative to mundane, sedentary life in the form of a sport that anyone - yes, anyone - can do. They outline the Spartan training philosophy, inspired by the courage and discipline of the Ancient Spartiates and dedicated to functional exercise, which requires neither equipment nor gym membership - just a body, a will, and the great outdoors.

No. There are all kinds of forces at work that are needed to bring a race to a location. Sometimes it is just out of our control, so we can never guarantee that you signing up or preregistering for a race means we will 100% for sure have that race. It just means you are expressing interest in that race and we will inform you when registration opens IF the race is going to happen.

No, all registrations must be completed online.

Only registration for Saturday's race is initially opened until we reach a set percent of registrants, whereupon we will open Sunday Registration. So, if you click the Sunday registration link and only see Saturday, we have not reached a full enough amount for Saturday to justify opening the Sunday race. Check back and watch the "percent full" icon under the Saturday race as the fuller the Saturday race gets the greater likelihood we will open Sunday.

If you are having issues during the online registration process you might try opening the web page in a different browser. Also please ensure that your browser has cookies enabled.

For 2013 Events, waves of 200 athletes will be released every 15 minutes starting at 8am with our Elite Wave.

In the event that an Elite Wave is larger than 300 racers, we will separate the Men's Elite and Women's Elite waves. In that case, the Men's Elite Wave will start at 8am, and the women's Elite Wave will start at 8:15am.

"Confirmed Start Time" Waves start at 8:30 and 8:45am. In order to guarantee your start time during registration, select a Confirmed Start Time wave.

"Morning" Waves start every 15 minutes between 9am-12pm.

"Afternoon" Waves start every 15 miniutes between 12:15-3:00pm.

"Late Afternoon" Waves start every 15 minutes between 3:15-5:00pm.

YOUR exact start time in the group you picked during registration will be posted to the event page on the Wednesday prior to the event date.

You can register your kids by going through the same process to sign yourself up online, by clicking the REGISTER button in the upper right corner of your race's events page and following the same registration process you used to register - just pick the Kids Race. Or on race day at the registration tent you can register. Simply pick up a blank waiver and sign it for your children and hand it to one of our staff at the registration tent. Once you have paid for the event your children will get their bibs. If you registered your children online, we will have a list of all their names. Come to the tent and tell us you registered them online and once we verify their names are on the list, they will get their bibs. Kids Registration and check-in closes at noon so please be early.

Pre-Register Online: $25
Day of Registration: $30

The prices of each event are listed in a pricing table on the specific race event page. The prices vary based on the type of race you're doing - Sprint, Super, Beast - and by when you sign up. Prices listed on the various event pages are per person, not per team. However, the more people that join your team, the larger the discount you receive once registration closes!

Prices listed on the various event pages are per person, not per team.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.

However, if you cannot attend a race and want to see if you qualify for a Race Transfer, please visit our Race Transfer page.

Sorry, but once a day is sold out or a heat is sold out, we cannot add you in. We list and promote our races for many, many months and so once a race day is sold out or a heat time is sold out, it is gone.

If heat is password protected, that means the heat is not availble to the public. These spots are reserved and we do not give out the passwords.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.

However, if you cannot attend a race and want to see if you qualify for a Race Transfer, please visit our Race Transfer page.

If a participant was registered by someone else or entered as an offline registration by the event director, they can claim their registration by following these 5 steps.

1. Log into the My Events web page at http://www.myevents.active.com - Please note that in order to login and claim the registration, the participant will need an ACTIVE.com user account and the Registration ID.

2. Enter the Registration Number (included in the confirmation email) into the Claim Registration text box.

3. Click the GO button.

4. Confirm all registration information and click the Save button. It is very important that you confirm all registration information you see, as any changes you make will be overridden on all existing event registrations.

5. The event registration will now appear in the list of events on the My Event web page.

NOTE Do not claim a registration that does not belong to you.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to retroactively apply a discount to an existing registration.

The $14.00 charge incurred upon registration, accounts for your contribution TOWARD the cost associated with the insurance procured by Spartan Race Inc. FOR THE EVENT. Spartan Race Inc. purchases Accident / Health coverage WHICH PROVIDES LIMITED COVERAGE TO participants UNDER SOME CIRCUMSTANCES for medical bills arising from an injury suffered / obtained while participating on site at a Spartan Race, Inc event. Note that Accident/Health coverage does NOT include Disability Insurance / Loss of Income coverage. NOTWITHSTANDING THE FOREGOING, PARTICIPATION IN THE SPARTAN RACE IS AT THE PARTICIPANT'S SOLE RISK. For more information regarding the specific coverage provided, please contact us atinsurance@spartanrace.com.

Yes. The minimum age to race a full Spartan Race is 14 in the U.S. and Western Canada and 15 in the U.K and Eastern Canada, the maximum age is 99.

We have a Jr. Spartan Adventure Race at every USA venue Spartan Race for the kids, and also in Vancouver and Calgary in Canada.

Form a team and build it up! The larger the team, the larger discount you will receive. Everything you need to know about teams is right here.

You can also consider buying a 2012 Season Pass.

You can also watch for promotions on our site, on Facebook, Twitter or within our WOD or Newsletter signups.

For Western Canada, teams of four people receive a discount, and contact us for a group discount if you have 10+ people registering.

In the United States, we have changed our Season Pass process, and we are now offering an "Annual Pass," which means that once you purchase your new 2013 -2014 Annual Pass, it will be valid for 365 days from the date of purchase, so you'll be able to race in "open" waves at any of our 35+ US events, with more events being added frequently.

For our Elite racers, we are pleased to announce the 2013 Elite Annual Pass for the US.

Currently, we also offer the original Season Pass for the UK and Canada.

You can learn more and buy the right pass for you here.

We have a Spartan Kids racing events at every USA venue Spartan Race. The kid’s race is a much tamer version of our adult race, about 0.5 miles of small obstacles. The race kicks off between 12pm and 1pm on race day. Your kids will LOVE it! All Spartans ages 4 -13 are welcome to get signed up! 4-8 year olds will run a course nearly ½ mile, while 9-13 year olds will take on a 1 mile course! For events on Saturday and Sunday, there will be a Jr. Spartan Race held on each day. We even have a SpartanKids.com website just about Spartan Kids racing, details, gallery, videos, how to register details, and more to come!

More information and online registration is available on the race events page of your race and you can register them just like you do when you register under the REGISTER button in the upper right corner of the race's event page.

In Western Canada, we have a Spartan Kids race at noon for 5-10 year olds for the Vancouver and Calgary races. Registration is $10 per child and all proceeds go to charity.

Of course! Log in to your myevents.active.com account and click on 'Your registrations and receipts' under Event Registration. Here you can view all of your confirmation emails.

We offer no refunds, but we do allow transfers if more than 14 days from the race. You can read all of the transfer details and fill out the race transfer request form on our Transfer Page.

Yes! You’ll receive $30 off registration as long as you pass the GovX validation at registration time.

*For Western Canadian races (Vancouver, Squamish, and Calgary) please email us through the contact page and we will email you a 10% discount code for a student/military discount.

Yes. Each events specific race page & it's corresponding registration page lists when registration for that event will close. However, most all of our events sell out before that close date, so it is important to register as early as possible. Prices increase as the day of the event approaches.

Each race page has a "Percent Full" icon in the upper right above the yellow REGISTER button, so watch that and make sure not to delay if you want to race as races do sell out. Also, our splash page has a ticker that announces sell out percents. But once a race sells out, it sells out and you're SOL.

YES! Everything you could want to know about team racing is right here on our Team page.

If your team doesn't show, please type in the team name during registration and CLICK the search button. Email us through the contact page if you continue to experience problems.

Yes! You can always add participants to your team as long as they sign up for the same day the rest of the team is registered for. The new member must click on the register button on the Spartan event page you will be attending. Sign up by choosing your team’s heat and then you will be able to choose them team name during registration. If you cannot get into your team’s heat, don’t stress! Team times are not guaranteed. However, if you are on a team, we will be sure to accommodate your entire team within the same heat (this excludes the Hurricane Heat, the Elite heat and the confirmed start time heat). Make sure everyone on the team signs up for the same day. If Saturday is sold out. we will not switch anyone from Sunday to Saturday.

You can log in here to manage your team and to send out invites to others.

Yes! One person, the captain, will need to login in to my events.active.com and choose 'Create team'. Afterwards, the others will need to login and choose 'Join team'.

If you're the first member of your team to register, please go to the race's event page and hit the yellow Register button. When prompted, please pick a start time and proceed to the next page. Under "Team Information" select "Create a team." You will then have the ability to pick a team name and password for your team. You can use your "Team Center" to send out an email to your friends, family, and co-workers to join the team you have created. They will receive an email with a unique link to join your team.

To access your Team Center just go to HERE. If potential team members want to join your team without the unique link they must know your team name and password in case you made it private. This will ensure that you are all on the same team. If you are signing up to be on a team, go to the event page and hit the Register now button. Select a start time, on the next page click "Join a Team" and search for your team.

There you will be prompted for the password (if the team is private) and can register with your team. Strength comes in numbers! Become a part of a team to help you and others get through the event, save money, and support our troops. Click HERE for our Events page to start building your team before time runs out!

If you're registering for the Colorado Fort Carson race (CO 5/5) you will automatically be put into the heat that the captain signed up for!

Unfortunately, if Saturday is sold out, we can not accomodate any more racers for that day. If your friends are tough, they will register for Sunday and race solo.

Team members will be put into the same heat. If you want to race at different times, make sure to send us an email through the contact page and we'll make sure to keep the team in separate heats.

Yes! Please login to myevents.active.com and click 'Create team' or 'Join team'.

*Note, if you're registered for the Colorado race, please send us an email through the contact page.

Click on the Shop button at the top of the page.

All sales at races are final, no exceptions.

Please email us through the contact page and we'll promptly respond!

Yes. Please bring your signed race waiver (available on your race's specific Event page prior to the race) with you to help speed up the process. Try to arrive at least two hours before your scheduled heat time. At some races, there might be an option (a pre race event or party) available to pick up your packet early, so check your events race page.

You will receive an email confirming your registration as well as important email updates as your race approaches.

In some instances, we will have packet pick up available before race day at a designated location near the event. At pre race packet pick-up you will turn in your signed race waivers and receive your bib and chip timer to avoid the lines on race day.

IF there is a pre race packet pick-up the time is "typically" from 4-7pm at the stated location for packet pick-up on the specific race's event page. Check the specific events race page to find out more as your race gets closer.

Pre race packet pick-up is great as you avoid the worry of long lines on race day! You can get Spartan Race merchandise and swag that might help you out during your race. You can meet fellow Spartans and talk about training and strategies. Also, sponsors might be at some packet pick-ups with free stuff or special offers. Sometimes we have celebrity appearances. And it is an all-around more laid back feel where you can ask any remaining questions you have without the hustle and bustle of race day.

NOTE: UK races do not have pre race packet pick-ups and most Canada races are day of pick-up.

Unfortunately not. Each racer can only pick up their race packet as long as they bring a signed copy of the waiver. No exceptions. You cannot pick up for your team, for your spouse, or even for your best friend. Each racer is responsible for his or her race packet only. If you cannot make it to packet pick up you can always pick up your race packet on the day of the race!

Two hours is a safe bet. This way any traffic issues or unforeseen circumstances will only be a pleasant obstacle on the way to much more severe forms of torture.

A signed copy of your race waiver (found on your races specific event page) and a photo ID. We recommend shoes, lightweight apparel, and a camelback for longer events. We also recommend a plastic bag or two for your muddy clothes post-race. We sell gear onsite so you can change and wear rad Spartan gear while you walk around the festival sporting your finisher medal.

  • Shorty shorts, monkey suit, or Lycra.
  • Bikinis, compressions shorts and socks, or tiara.
  • Marathon gear, triathlon gear, or spelunking gear.
  • Your choice really. Depends on how fast you want to go.
  • Will suggest trail running shoes or sneakers, however.

Generally speaking, we race rain or shine, heat or snow. For us to not have a race, it must be a severe act of God such as a hurricane, forest fire, flood, blizzard, etc… So, if you get up and it is pouring rain, we are racing. If it is snowing a bit, we are racing. If it is hot, we are racing. If it is cold, we are racing. IF for some reason we must cancel an event due to uncontrollable weather conditions, like the hurricanes in 2011, emails will go out and announcements will clearly be made here on the site and via social networking channels.

There will be numerous volunteer paramedics and EMS personnel at every event. If you get injured, we will radio them immediately for help.

There will not be a time limit for each event. Take your time and finish. Sign up, show up, and do NOT give up!

Some of our events will have water elements. Most of them will be in water that you can walk in if you can't swim. If there are water obstacles that require swimming, tell a Spartan official if you cannot swim and you can skip the obstacle and instead complete a set of burpees.

No, sorry… pets are not allowed at any of the venues. Please leave your cats, snakes, dogs and pets at home.

We have water and aid stations on every course. During a three mile Sprint course we may only have one aid station halfway through. During longer races like a Super or Beast we will provide up to 4 aid stations. We do not provide gels or food, so bring some with you. Make sure to hydrate as much as you can the night before the race. You can also bring a camelbacks or water bottles. If you think you might need it, bring it.

Yes, we are open for spectators! Most USA venues will be charging for spectators so check on the races specific event page to see if there will be charge. Kids 13 and under are free. There are some perks to spectators including something to sip on while your friends and family suffer through the course. If there is a fee for spectators for that race, they are sold onsite (please bring cash, limited Credit Card services are available). As a Spartan Race spectator, you get $5 Spartan bucks redeemable at the merchandise tent, a festival map, and rad access to some obstacles on the course, the epic Gladiator pit and finish line, the vendor tents, and hot food for sale on the grounds! So enjoy the live music and watching your friends and loved ones slip and slide through the Spartan course in the safety and comfort (and relative mudlessness) of the Spartan Race festival ground areas! Raffles, entertainment, free muddy hugs from Spartan athletes, and all the other festival perks make this the best money you'll ever spend and we promise the next ticket you will want to buy will be a race entry!

As for roaming the course or watching each obstacle; each course will have different restrictions. On some ski mountains, you can take a ski lift to the top where there will be obstacles to watch. At ALL events, the festival area is situated within sight of at least 6 obstacles where you can catch your family and friends. The fan favorite "Gladiator Pit" is just before the finish line and provides many Kodak moment photo finishes!

All parents/guardians will need a spectator pass for the Jr. Spartan Race. Spectator passes can be purchased online at a discount or on-site the day of the race.

Read more about Spartan Spectators here…

Once you arrive on-site:
1) Proceed to the "BIB NUMBERS/WAIVERS" tent neat the entrance to the festival area.
2) Sign your Spartan Participant Waiver.
3) Find your BIB Number located on the BIB Number Wall. Write your BIB Number on your signed waiver.
4) Proceed to the "REGISTRATION" Tent with your waiver and identication in hand. Choose the lane with the number sequence that matches your BIB number.
5) Pick up your packet from one of our awesome volunteers.
6) Proceed to the mark ing stations to get "marked" up. Our volunteers will write your number on your arms and forehead (optional).
7) Loop the yellow wristband through the timing chip and attach it to your wrist.
8) Attach your BIB number to your shirt with safety pins.
9) If you choose, drop your stuff at the "BAG CHECK" tent for safe-keeping.
10) Head into the festival area and look for the signs that say "START".
11) Now go out there and have a great race!

NO. Spartans don't skip obstacles, we overcome them! We strongly discourage skipping obstacles without attempting them as it is unfair to others that do attempt them. As well, what is the point of doing an obstacle course race then? However, if you must skip an obstacle that you DO first at least try but simply cannot complete it, there will be a mandatory set of burpees that you must complete before moving on. This is the case with ALL obstacles.. so that can be a lot of burpees - so try hard and complete those obstacles.

If you place in the top 3 as a male or female for any competitive wave, you will receive a free entry into the next level race. E.g. If you win a Spartan Sprint, you will receive a free race entry for the Super Spartan of your choice. The week after each race, the winners will be contacted via email with instructions on how to redeem the voucher.

You will find the results AND photos on our Race Results page. Photos can take up to 7 days given we can take 100,000 photos a race! Results are often posted much sooner.

On the Results page, to see your photos, search for your name or bib #, click on your name and you will see a "Race Photos" tab appear.

If you do not have photos under your name, click here and try our Timeline Photo Viewer.

You can show off your Spartan Race Finisher's Medal with a custom made iTab insert.

Your finisher medal tells a story that began when you deicded to get fit and change your life till when you crossed the finish line a changed person. iTab will help ypu document this journey with your ability to emblazon your medal with your finishing time and other info unique to your race. To purchase your very own ITab, click here.


*Spartan Race reserves the right to modify or change it's venues, dates, register company, timing company, start times, prizes, courses, fees, number/size/type of waves, results algorithms, merchandise, and any other event details, website content or policies it sees fit as needed with no prior advanced notice. You agree to these terms upon registering for an event or using this website. We update our website daily so this is generally your best source for the most current and up to date information. Check back often as it is not uncommon your race's event page will get updated with more current information than seen when you registered as the race gets closer.

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